PCSS Post Featured Article: Good, Better, Best.

Good better best, Never let it rest, until your good is better, and your better is best. I first came across this poem as a young father of Lachlan then 2 and Charlie, then 1 years old. It resonated with me because, as all parents, I have big hopes for my children, but sometimes those hopes can be so big we aren’t sure where to start. What I like about the “Good, better, best” poem, is that it frames a mindset in a current but not permanent state and encourages a step by step progression with hope and perseverance. 


That’s what I beleive it takes to be successful and this week we challenged our eighth graders with respect to how they approach each day at school. Learning is not a passive experience. Students will not get better just by walking through the door. We challenged them to approach each day with a laser-like focus, respect for self and others, and kindness. As we move forward, this will be our mantra, anthem, and goal.