The only thing certain is the consistent uncertainty of life itself. So what direction do you face when the uncertainty intensifies. When we don’t know. 

We lean on our values and beliefs, it’s natural, rooted in the biological evolution of our species. Some lean on faith, some science, others on each other.

How then do we navigate uncertainty when we have a community of hundreds or thousands? 

Organizations, communities, and schools that have clearly defined values which they wholeheartedly believe in, thrive during intense moments of uncertainty. 

The Army and Churches do this very well and communicate clearly what they believe in and how that manifests itself in action. 

As a school leader, I am searching to understand what those values are. 

So far, I hear that we believe learning is unique here at PCSS and that we believe in surrounding our students with the support they need on a personal level. Community, culture, and communication are three words that continually emerge during the many conversations I am having. 


Am I hearing correctly?