Scholarships & Bursaries

Bursaries & Scholarships 2020 – over $115,000.00 available

Bursaries: Based on need as well as marks
Scholarships: Based on marks

Deadline for applications: Thursday February 13, 2020.
Information and application forms will be e-mailed to students. Please ask Mrs Huscroft (office) to have it sent to you. No late submissions will be accepted.
Applications should be submitted on paper to Mrs Huscroft in the office. Please note some awards require specific application forms (the office will usually have these forms or ask Mrs Huscroft to e-mail them to you).

NOTE: Awards that say you must attend the institution within one year of graduation mean either this fall’s session or January/spring session. If the award says you may defer for one year then you can defer to the next fall’s session. Make sure the organization is aware of your registration date when applying. If you request a deferment the organization must approve that request in writing in order for you to receive the funds. Some groups do not allow deferments.

COTR Enterance Scholarship is open and posted on the College financial aid web page . If you scroll down the page and expand the section that is labelled Enterance Scholarship, you will find the application form. Deadline to apply is March 31,2020. Applicants must submit a separate transcript to financial aid and admissions

For a list of specific scholarships: